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Authentic Orgones Australia

Seed Of Life. Orgone Pendant Necklace. Rainbow Obsidian. EMF Protection. 5G Protection. Tensor Ring. Elite Shungite.

Seed Of Life. Orgone Pendant Necklace. Rainbow Obsidian. EMF Protection. 5G Protection. Tensor Ring. Elite Shungite.

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Seed of Life. Orgonite Pendant. Made with Rainbow Obsidian and Tensor Ring.


A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. ... It is a super conductor that neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body.

Rainbow Obsidian-
For those who dare to see the past, the future, or one’s own inner demons & darkest truths
Brings hope, illumination & energy into the most blocked & stagnant areas of the emotional body
Grounds spiritual Light into the aura & physical body.
Helps to cleanse & align all chakras,
“stone of pleasure”
Helps become optimistic & engaged in the world.
Brings love and light to your life
No boundaries or limitations
For those prepared to look deep into the inner being, the subconscious, to reveal one’s shadow self
Deep soul healing
Brings growth and resolution
Keeps you grounded & protected, physically, emotionally & spiritually
Helps find the root causes of emotional traumas and distresses
Help Cut ties with the past.

Loaded with elite shungite.
This pendant is to really help keep your health a an optimum. Emotionally, physically and mentally. It helps to really heal you on all level & strengthens your connection with your higher self.
Comes with black adjustable cord necklace.
Made and recommended to wear all the time.

There's a copper coiled quartz Crystal in the center with layers of brass, iron oxide & copper, quartz, black tourmaline, selenite, shungite powder.

Helps eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life
Works at the cellular level to energize & cleanse the physical, astral, & mental body
Purifies water
Absorbs anything negative, inc. EMF's
Assists in evolving spiritually
Restores emotional balance
Shields the wearer from negative energies of all kinds, including psychic protection
Mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual healing
Cell rejuvenation
Catalyst for growth & transformation
Increases personal power
Raises vibration
Grounds energies to the earth
Promotes positivity
Clears & balances aura & chakras
Enhances metaphysical abilities
Boosts energy
Normalizes sleep

Black Tourmaline-
Amazing grounding stone
Protective stone
Repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attacks
Energy purifier
Cleanses the aura of negative thought patterns
One of the most powerful minerals for absorbing electromagnetic radiation
One of the most powerful and effective crystals for anxiety
Protector against energy vampires

Aids in attaining higher states of consciousness
Calms & focuses the mind
Heightens your awareness
Helps to strengthen your connection with your higher self.
Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty especially to oneself.
It brings balance, peace, clarity, and healing energy into your space. Protects you from harmful EMF.

Each one is made to help keep you grounded, dispel negativity, harmonise & cleanse the space it resides, clear & balance your auric field and protect you from harmful EMF.
I ensure, and double check every piece I make is and can be physically tested with a powerful reaction.
It brings balance, peace, clarity, and healing energy into your space.
Orgonite surrounds your body in a field of healthy Long Wave Ultra Violet Light, and acts as a "cleanser" for the energy around you

Overall, all my orgone devices are made from a space of pure love and with the intention to help heal & protect mother earth and her beautiful inhabitants. I believe everyone can benefit from having one and wish I could make them for everyone free.

Unfortunately due to the system in place I can't do that just yet but try to keep my prices as low as possible so that as many people as possible can afford one!

After making orgonites for the past 10years I have experimented,played and tested my pieces in order to:
- find the most efficient & powerful mix for each individual person
- ensure the energy flows correctly and isn't counteracted
- find out what crystals do and do not harmonise
- make them accurately (believe it or not there is quite some science involved in this process, and yes there is a wrong way of making orgonite)
- feel the different effects that the crystals, metals, densities, shapes, sizes etc. have when combined and the energy it gives off.

This pendant is individually hand-crafted and may have slight artistic imperfections.

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